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Hello, my name is Raiane, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I always had facilities to make a new friends, I like to meet new people, I believe that having this facility and always have a good relationship to my family will help me so much work with kids. I have two brothers one young and another older, I currently live in Germany. My mom and me have a very good relationship, she always helps me and she is very happy about my decision to live in another country. I´ve been dating for 1 year, my boyfriend is Czech and he lives in Germany for 4 years, I like to do so many things, I’m very I´m very excited and I don’t like being idle for a long time, in my free times I like to listen music, read books, watch movies, series, travel and search things on the internet, in the weekends I like to go to the cinema, malls, ride a bike… I have a godson, he has 3 years old, I like a lot to stay with him almost every weekend we are together, I think is important follow his growth and pass on my knowledge to him as a godmother. I´m graduated in foreign Trade and International Business in university UNIFIEO. I like the course I studied, is very interesting e very dynamic. I worked 4 years in a American company, Exterran I’m assistant of Supply Chain is good to me because I can do everything I learn in university in my job, and every day I use my English to work. About my future, I’m sure I want to work with kids kids and teach a new thigs, growing up together with your children will be very enjoyable, help them in their duties and see them each time better people, this will make me very happy. I like to bring good things to people and with the family I will work it will not be any different. I like also to visit new places, cultures, and have wonderful experiences in another country, I will be in Germany in September to visit, and I’m very happy to meet a new culture and to get used to the country I will live soon. I would like to thank the family will choose me. I am dedicating myself in every way to this program and improving my English daily, and i´m also studying German course everyday , it will be a good challenge for me. I will do my best and be happy, trust me!

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